Sustaining Anti-Racist Education Against Backlash

As of June 18, 22 states have introduced legislation seeking to ban educators from discussing Critical Race Theory and teaching about historical and ongoing racial injustice in the US. In this webinar we disucss what is happening, help place this moment in historical context and provide participants with concrete ideas for action.

Thriving Youth Need Racial Equity

Please join GTY in discussion with thought leaders from key institutions advancing powerful work on behalf of equity, justice and thriving youth.

AAPI Youth on Safety, Belonging and Thriving

Join GTY, YouthTruth, and Asian-American/Pacific Islander youth leaders for an important discussion of safety, belonging and thriving amid the fallout of the pandemic, economic upheaval, racial justice uprisings, and an increase in anti-Asian racialized violence.

State and Local Budgets—the Next COVID-19 Battlefront

Join this webinar to learn more about the state & local fiscal crisis, lessons learned from the Great Recession, key principles for an equitable response, & how state & local advocates are gearing up for the budget battles to come.

Culturally-Affirming SEL

Join leaders of youth, parent and teacher-led organizing efforts to discuss culturally-affirming SEL as described in an upcoming report from Communities for Just Schools Fund (CJSF). What does it mean to radically reimagine what education can be?