Our Purpose

Launched in 2016, Grantmakers for Thriving Youth is a funders’ forum promoting equitable systems, structures, and opportunities for a comprehensive approach to learning and development so all young people can build and strengthen the skills and capacities they need to thrive in learning, work, citizenship, and life.

Members of GTY’s Steering Committee describe their philanthropic investments to support thriving youth in different ways, for example:

  • developing social and emotional skills and capacities;
  • ensuring equitable learning environments and whole child equity;
  • advancing research, policy and practice aligned to the science of learning and development;
  • fostering spiritual and character virtue development;
  • supporting physical, mental, social and emotional health;
  • and strengthening child and family wellbeing.

Our shared principles and commitment to equity anchor our work to build a robust, coordinated and collaborative network of philanthropic organizations investing throughout our education and youth development ecosystems to support thriving youth.

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Our Work

GTY pursues three major strategies:


GTY hosts web seminars and gatherings for our broad network of funders and other stakeholders focused on issues important to thriving youth. Join GTY’s network to receive invitations to events, newsletters and other communications.


GTY’s Steering Committee is composed of representatives from member organizations who provide financial support, thought leadership, time and energy toward building a trusted community of grantmakers committed to field-building, peer networks, shared learning, and collaborative action.


GTY’s Workgroups convene funders on specific topics for focused learning, alignment and collaboration.

Photos credit: All4Ed.org / license

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