Taxonomy Project

Exploring SEL frameworks and terms

If you’ve encountered SEL frameworks and terms with different and even conflicting definitions of similar skills and capacities, you are not alone! This common problem is an ongoing source of confusion for the SEL field. Fortunately, Harvard’s EASEL Lab has been working for the past 4 years to create a Rosetta Stone for SEL frameworks and terms.

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June 13, 2019


noon-1p ET / 9-10a PT



Supported by the Funders’ Collaborative for Innovative Measurement, the HGSE EASEL Lab has created a set of interactive online tools to help stakeholders make sense of and navigate between different frameworks, regardless of their differences in terminology.

To learn more about the Taxonomy Project and preview the beta version of the website, please join Grantmakers for Thriving Youth and Project Lead Professor Stephanie Jones for this free webinar.

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Presentation Slides

Check out this useful pre-read, published by the Assessment Work Group: Introduction to the Taxonomy Project: Tools for Selecting & Aligning SEL Frameworks, February 2019.



Stephanie Jones

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Stephanie Jones is Gerald S. Lesser Professor in Early Childhood Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Director of EASEL Lab. Jones’ research focuses on the effects of poverty and exposure to violence on children and youth’s social, emotional, and behavioral development. Her past work has focused on evaluation research addressing the impact of preschool and elementary focused social-emotional learning interventions on behavioral and academic outcomes and classroom practices.