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Webinar Resources: Reproductive Health Care is Foundational to Thriving

Publication Year:  2023  

A Discussion with Youth Leaders and Reproductive Health Advocates

On June 28, GTY, Youth Transition Funders Group and Grantmakers for Girls of Color hosted a discussion with youth leaders and reproductive health advocates.

Youth Leaders Told Us

  • Regardless of where they live, young people are concerned about further regressive measures, especially targeting queer and trans individuals.
  • They need accurate and trustworthy information to push back against stigmatizing narratives.
  • They rely on community-based organizations that provide education, medical care, testing, and other services related to reproductive health equity and word-of-mouth recommendations to find care.
  • They need peer support and safe spaces where they are listened to and can advocate for themselves effectively.
  • They want their basic needs met without having to fight so hard.

What Funders Can Do

  • Support programs that focus on youth reproductive health issues. 
  • Listen to young people in your community.
  • Support comprehensive approaches that go beyond access to medical procedures to include health education, mental health support, transportation costs, lost wages and more.
  • Amplify narratives to dispel stigmatizing social norms around sexuality and gender to improve health care outcomes.

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