Post-Election Funder Learning Series (session 2 of 2)

Who Voted and Why and Implications for Social and Economic Policy

In this two-part program hosted by Economic Opportunity Funders in partnership with GTY and other networks, public opinion and political strategists and national and state organizers will explore what the recent elections tell us about political participation, dialogue on the direction of the country, and the future of social and economic policy. — PART TWO. National and State Organizers

Past Event


December 3, 2020


3-4p ET / noon-1p PT



PART TWO. National and State Organizers

Join this session to hear from national and state organizers on key strategies and outcomes from voter engagement efforts.

  • What happened, who voted, and what issues and messages moved voters?
  • What does the new political landscape (at the federal and state level) mean for struggling workers, families and communities?
  • How can we capitalize on the engagement infrastructure created during the election season?
  • What opportunities and challenges should funders be paying attention to?

Webinar Recording & Resources

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