Funders’ Collaborative for Innovative Measurement

Funders’ Collaborative for Innovative Measurement (FCIM) is composed of GTY Steering Committee organizations investing in measurement and assessment — defined as research, tools, programs, and policy relating to understanding interventions and environments that support whole-child development.

FCIM members recognize measurement and assessment as a powerful space to understand the dimensions of young people’s social and emotional development, as well as the environments or contexts that create enabling conditions for thriving.

FCIM members recognize that it is critical to measure equity in education. Thus, the overarching question FCIM asks is: How might measurement play a role in dismantling inequitable education and OST structures and systems?

FCIM members’ investments support the field to advance research, tools, practice, and policy focused on conditions that support young people’s wellbeing.

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Our Goals

FCIM’s goals include: 

Learning, knowledge exchange, and aligned investments among funders

Engage in shared learning on research, tools, policy, and practice around measurement and assessment

Share strategies and investments to foster alignment and collaboration

Investigate the intersection of measurement x equity

Building field knowledge around measurement and equity

Support communications work to enhance field building in measurement and equity

Learn from bright spots and field-initiated efforts in measurement


  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Chair
  • The Overdeck Family Foundation
  • The Raikes Foundation
  • The Wallace Foundation
  • The Walton Family Foundation

More Information

For more information about the GTY FCIM Workgroup, please contact the GTY Facilitation Team.

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